How to Dehydrate Blueberries

Here is the easy way for how to dehydrate blueberries.They are the perfect fruit to dry, because all you need to do is put them in a dehydrator or oven!

There are two ways to make dehydrated blueberries. You can dry them less and have them more chewy. Or dry them more and have them like the texture of a raisin. 

Jar of Dehydrated Blueberries

Blueberries are so delicious, you want to preserve them to last as long as possible. So if you have too many fresh blueberries to use, dehydrating them will make them last longer.


Because removing the moisture in the blueberries will allow you to keep them longer. You can store them in an airtight container for weeks or months, rather than just a few days with the perishable fresh fruit.

Yet they still remain delicious to eat!

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Can You Dehydrate Blueberries?

Yes! Dehydrating blueberries is easy. They are a perfect fruit to dry!

Drying the blueberries is easy because you don’t have to slice them. All you need to do is add the fruit as it is to a dehydrator, oven or air fryer.

However, if you do cut them in half, they will dry quicker.

Prepare Blueberries to Dehydrate

Drying Blueberries in a Food Dehydrator

A dehydrator is the preferred method for drying blueberries.

The fruit is set on mesh trays and low heat circulates around the trays inside the dehydrator. This allows for all sides of the fruit to become dried out evenly.

You can use multiple layers of trays in a food dehydrator, which means you can dry a lot of fruit.

Add the fruit to the trays. Start checking around 12 hours to see if you like the texture.

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Can I Use an Oven to Dehydrate Blueberries?

You can dehydrate blueberries in an oven.

If you are drying in an oven, set the temperature as low as possible. This varies for every oven, but generally around 120 -210 degrees.

Since the oven will be at a higher temperature than in a dehydrator, it may only take 7-9 hours to dry the blueberries to your liking. Check at the 7 hour mark, and then every 30 minutes after until you are happy with the level of dryness.

Helpful Tips for Drying Blueberries

  • Do not crowd the fruit on the dehydrator tray or oven tray. There needs to be enough air circulation.
  • Start dehydrating first thing in the morning, or overnight. This will allow you the time to check on the fruit when it is about done.
  • Using organic blueberries will reduce exposure to pesticides, since you won’t be able to remove the peel off of the fruit.
  • Times will vary based on the humidity of the day that you are drying, oven temperatures, and how many fruits you have on trays in the dehydrator.

How Can I Use Dehydrated Blueberries?

Because of their sweetness, dehydrated blueberries make a perfect substitute for sugary snacks.

Dried blueberries are often found in blueberry muffin mixes and blueberry pancake batter. You can add the blueberries into store bought mixes or ones you make.

They also make a perfect addition to a homemade trail mix.

Bowl of Blueberries

How to Store Dehydrated Blueberries?

Store the dried blueberries in an airtight container out of the sun. You can use a mason jar or a container with an air-tight seal, such as Tupperware.

Keep in mind the fruit can be warm after being in the dehydrator. So allow it to cool completely before putting in a container.

Storing dehydrated fruits in a refrigerator will reduce your worry about them going bad.

Humidity is one of the worst enemies to storing food. In addition to an air-tight container, you might want to add a desiccant pack which absorbs moisture from the air.

Dehydrated Blueberries Recipe

Jar of Dehydrated Blueberries

Dry blueberries to be chewy, like a candy, or more dried like a raisin. The choice is yours, but either way they are delicious!


  • Blueberries


Wash blueberries to remove any dirt or debis. Gently pat dry with a towel or paper towel.

Drying with a Dehydrator

  1. Place blueberries on the dehydrator sheet.
  2. Set the dehydrator to “Fruit” setting and let dehydrate until desired consistency. Depending on your climate this can take up to 20 hours. Start checking on the berries around the 12-hour mark. I suggest checking in every 30 minutes until you are happy with the dryness.

Drying in an Oven

  1. Place fresh blueberries on a parchment paper lined tray.
  2. Set the oven at a temperature as low as possible. After 7 hours, check the consistency of the berries. Continue to dry until they are as crispy as you'd like. Check every 30 minutes until happy.


To store: Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

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